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Worm-Glo ™ is a worm nutrient product. It is  manufactured and patented in U.S. and only intended to stain live worms. It contains no means any harmful substance to humans.

It is true that the fish prefer green color. WORM-GLO will dye your worms glowing green. Equally true is that an ordinary EARTH WORM is and always has been a superb bait.

They are natural food for the fish and therefore attractive. The green fluorescent color enhances this natural inclination.

In the water looks normal earth worm grayish-brown out. 
If the fish is allowed to choose between the better of features, it will very surely prefer the brilliant green  worms than the other features if they are located close also to the "gray" worms.


WORM-GLO ™ is a very unique combination of two substances 

of worm´s essential nutrients: carbohydrates and proteins.    


These two substances are to worms metabolism very necessary: when the worm nutrient reaches it will the biological and non-toxic substances in WORM-GLO ™  show their highest power.


This energy feed is precisely the nutrient that worms covet and particularly successful because it is absorbed through the digestive system into the body.

In this way it is ensured that the mask color is between it´s both ends completely
bs bothrilliant green ends.


We promise that you will between two and five days notice your grey and red brown worms have surely become as glowing green and glowing as you have waited for.



The worm food, however, has a some but temporary coloring ability. 













Therefore it is recommended to handle  the feeding matter carefully to avoid spillage


The easiest way to wash your hands and clothes clean is with soap and



Worms will increase and  also being sprattling active while getting good visibility.


That is an absolutely irresistible attraction for each species of the fish.   


Your worms will  live longer when fed with our  energizing food substance  than  without it ! 

WORM-GLO ™ has  especially been  planned  for  the  worms thriving.  


Now  when you have got  the  most  important  information concerning WORM-GLO ™ it  is time to choose and carefully  present  it to your live  worms.


Furthermore, you have also learned how to achieve a successful capture results by feeding your worms with WORM-GLO ™.   








Perhaps you will discover in the lamp light that your worms do not shine correctly?But you have to do the last check always  in the daylight! 


It is precisely the daylight which gives the  worms the real glowing

chartreuse and green brightness.

Then have a jar lid on and keep the worms in the that jar 2 or 3 days and nights in between +15  to +20 Celsius degrees.


Check from time to time in the daylight if the worms already have

became correctly shining bright.


Once they have become chartreuse put boxes in the fridge having  the temperature in between +5 to +10 Celsius degrees. 

If you must quickly have your worms brilliant, take a handful of worms and then add  in a new container a little mould.  Strew WORM-GLO™ on but  Not in it. 





The amount of Worm-Glo depends on the number of worms, as described before.

Keep your worms at room temperature

a day and night´s time, i.e. at least 24 hours.


If the worms now are not yet really brilliant green, wait for one day and night more.

When the real bright color is reached, add

a little more mould and put the worms in

the fridge, with temperature as above.

Open the lid after 2-5 days.


The fluorescent bright green color will

now appear both outdoors, in water and

lamp light.  The worm´s increased activity        and good visibility is an utterly irresistible attraction for all the fish. Your worms live

longer when fed with energizing food

substance WORM-GLO ™ than without it !


Then even the usual red worms must 

carefully to be kept in accordance within

instructions so that would also applied

to your now bright green worms.


Note also that they can be somewhat

sensitive to UV light.


Be sure that you have always close

the lid and store the jar in a cool place

according to the given information

described above, when the worms

are not needed at the moment.


Have only a moderate number of worms

fed by WORM-GLO ™ corresponding your

fishing needs.


This with WORM-GLO ™ and UV light is

not as sensitive as it may be in the case

with the other worm products on the

market whose fluorescence has been or

will be achieved through the use of colour pigments or in any similar way.



But this fact should be observed with

Worm-Glo also. Keep worms cool and dark

when they are not used. With WORM-GLO ™

is fully coloured worms by the natural route.

It should be noted also that WORM-GLO ™

is not "painting" worms chartreuse.

Therefore you have regularly feed the

worms with WORM-GLO ™ to retain its               full fluorescence.







At last: "Have tight cords"